Joanna Zwierzyńska

Joanna Zwierzyńska

Dance instructor, performer and choreographer, finalist of the Polish edition of the So You Think You Can Dance TV show.

Currently a student in Iwanson International School of Contemporary Dance in Munich.

In zouk community known as Kamacho´s dance  partner. 

Joanna believes that interpretation of music and emotions are the most important elements of dance. Many years of experience with different dance styles have helped Joanna develop her own original and distinctive style. She is one of the forerunners of the Brazilian Zouk dance style in Poland and a co-founder and choreographer of the Zouk Libre Dance Group. 

However it is jazz dance and contemporary dance that allow Joanna to truly express herself, to convey emotions and to tell stories through her dancing. In 2010 she graduated from Mazovia Region Centre of Culture and Arts and is a certified jazz instructor. 

Joanna started doing ballroom dance when she was 9 years old, then she moved on to formation dance in V3 and V2 dance groups run by Marek Egurrola. Together they won the Polish Championships and were runner-ups twice in the European Championships.  

Between (2004-2006) she was part of a dance team that worked with a famous Polish band Ich Troje and together they toured the US, Canada and Europe. Because of that she was able to gain a lot of stage experience.

For many years Joanna was a member of a jazz dance group Sway run by Anna Wielogórska. 

She was a member of the Salsa Libre dance group and performed on a number of Polish and European festivals.

For the last 3 years she has been taking part in the International Contemporary Dance Summer School were she studied dance under choreographers such as: Joan van der Mast, Michal Zubkov, Michael Getmam, Willam Lu, Minka-Marie Heiß and Giacomo della Marina. 

She participated in various tv events such as Eska Mucic Awards or Top Trendy.

In 2012 she appeared in the the Polish edition of the So You Think You Can Dance TV show and together with her sister Magda Zwierzyńska was one of the finalists. 

In 2013 she worked as a choreographer for the Polish edition of the Top Model TV show.

In 2013 she got an acting degree from Szkoła Aktorska Jana i Haliny Machulskich. Acting changed the way she perceives dancing and she would love to combine both professions when working in a theatre.

Joanna is a very demanding instructor but at the same time she always makes sure to create a positive atmosphere in her dance classes. She would like her students to learn the necessary technique but also to be able to express emotions and thus transform movement into art. Her choreographies best reflect that objective.